About Us

Our journey commenced in the year 1977 when our company was established for the first time at Bhaktinagar Railway Station in Rajkot. Initially we were catering to the market pertaining to the agro-based industries with products such as Diesel Engines, Pump Sets, and other implements that concerned the agricultural sector.

Gradually we tied up with plenty of big and small scale companies to dispense a Nation Wide Catering Service in full load consignments. We have predominantly served the northern, eastern and central parts of the country.

Eventually we extended our services in various segments of the market such as the Automobile Sector, Machine Tools, Heavy Machinery, Tiles and Sanitary Wares as well as serving our defence sector. We also cater to the FMCG consumer durable products manufactured by several companies like that of Kitchen Wares, Plywood Play related products, Plastic related products such as Plastic Sheets and other appliances meant for household purposes.

In the year 2000 we set foot in the Warehousing Business acquiring 10,000 sq. ft of property in RAJKOT itself. Hence, We are one of the top Transporters situated in Rajkot. While our other warehouses are established in Kanpur spread across 3000 sq. ft as well as in Jaipur. For Retail Networking, we were able to form our business partnerships in nearly the entire state of Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh. Thereby our main domain of services extends to the entire Saurashtra Region, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh in the retail segment.

In part load, we provide our services almost all over India, while in full load we serve the borders of Nepal, Bangladesh and all over India.

We are the only Logistics service providers in Saurashtra catering to all types of services in the transportation segment ranging from small vehicles with a weight capacity of 4-5 tonnes to up to 50-70 tonnes each for high utility transport vehicles. The small, medium and large transport capacity vehicles include open trailer containers, close body trucks and special work purpose vehicles and still counting. Hence, we are growing day by day.

We can proudly say that we are one of the best service providers in the entire country due to our transparency in our work. We are committed to giving the exact information to our customers, thereby strengthening the foundations of our reliability. Thus, Customer satisfaction has been of utmost priority to our company. It is this and the quality of the products and services provided that has helped to develop a vast and ever-growing customer base who has faith in the company.

The company understands the value of ergonomics and employs individuals who are fit for the various roles they are appointed to. These dedicated and hardworking individuals have one common vision and collectively contribute to the success of the company. Going forward, the company aims to expand their line of products and services and reach out to more customers. Since the company is established at a prominent location in Bhaktinagar Railway Station, it is quite easy to reach the place using various modes of transportation. It is located at BhaktiNagar Station Plot, Street No. 2/10, Rajkot – 360002. It is right opposite to Meldi Mata Mandir and can be easily located by first comers. The company is known to provide top service in the following categories: Household Consignments (With Packing), All kind of agriculture implements and machineries goods, All kind of Machineries and machine tools, Automobile parts, Furniture & Hardware goods, Kitchenware Products, All kind of pipes and plumbing fittings, Ceramic Tiles & sanitary wares and its products, All kind of Packaging Products (i.e. Sugar Industries, Cement Industries & others), Abrasives, Defence raw material, Submersibles, Confectionary and food products and Tractors & tractor implements.

Our commitment

Our work is highly professional, every member working in our firm is dedicated to provide the best service to customers. Our company will give you what has been promised to you. Our commitment will never let you down. We work with complete transparency and don't make any false promises. Our work is our commitment and we strive to provide the best to our customers.

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide the best service to our client with top priority to transport customer’s product safety from one place to another. To compete in this competitive market and stay on the top with most creative and innovative solutions for our customers.To be reliable, professional and affordable in the market with the best service.

Our Mission

Our mission mainly is to be committed to our customer needs and solve customer issues and develop a lasting journey. Our honesty, integrity and performance would never disappoint you. Customer health working with us and being their product delivered on time would be our priority.

Our Core Values

  • Trust : We build trust among our customers to maintain a healthy relationship and successfully tie hands with them for a long time.
  • Passionate : We show our passion towards work that has led our company to this stage.
  • Making A Difference : We try to always make a difference for the company we are working for.
  • Providing Quality : Giving the customer the best service with a quality working pattern makes us stand apart from others.
  • Completely honest : We maintain the honesty with our customer, that is our unique point. We show transparency in our work.
  • Flexibility : We are flexible with our working pattern as per customer requirement.
  • Breaking Down the barriers : We solve customer’s issues and solve their barriers from our side so that their business runs smoothly.
  • Deliver Best Results : We strive to provide the best result and never let our customer down.
  • Passionate : our passionate working styles have provided customer satisfaction at the top most. We devote our everything to provide our customers best quality work.
  • A Win - Win : We create a win-win situation where they get their task done in desired time with minimum rate.

Financials Company Turnover

2017 - 18 12 Crore
2018 - 19 15 Crore
2019 - 20 16 Crore
2020 - 21 20 Crore ( Estimated )